Voter Interigrity Project 2012 investigations presented by Jay DeLancey


Jay DeLancey, Executive Director of Voter Intergrity Project of North Carolina, presented the latest news at Yakin Valley TEA Party meeting tonight about NC court cases and investigations around the state regarding instances of voter fraud.

First felony arrest from 2012 election was just made in 2015. This Republican voted in both the NC and FL elections.

3 Misdemeanor arrests were made for people who admittedly voted twice in 2008 election. They paid a $380 fine and were allowed to vote in the 2012 election.

Be careful NC ELECTION INTEGRITY PROJECT is a liberal collaborative group who is fund by the same people that are suing the state and Voter Inegrity Project of NC over required Photo ID. Please be careful when donating money.

DeLancey states we need to be vigilant at every precinct. Voter fraud of 5 or 7 or 2 or 1 too many. Many Officials don’t think it is a “real” problem because there are few votes. One race was decided by 6 votes in Alamance county. In town of Pembrook there was a tie 299/299 votes that was decided by drawing from a deck of cards. And, of course, then it was immediately challenged and another election was scheduled.

1. CLOSE CURBSIDE VOTER LOOPHOLE. If you ask for Curbside voting, you do not have to show ID.
2. OBSERVER BILL OF RIGHTS. Proposed the Observer should be able to hear voters’ names. By law Observers should be able to be at satelite voting locations during Early Voting.
3. It is only a CLASS I felony to commit voter fraud. (It is a Class H felony to remove pine straw – a more serious offense than a Class I felony.) CLASS 1A Misdemeanor to attempt to commit voter fraud.

This is where you can check a state database of addresses and all who are registered at the address. You can check your house, your neighbors, your children’s addresses.
There is a print out that can be generated that shows all who are registered at your house. You will get your name in the paper and called a racists, etc… There is a Challenge Preceeding that will take place. Only a resident ofnthat address can bring the Challenge.
It is vital that you check your address. MOORE TEA CITIZENS is championing this cause and canvassing apartment buildings by working with the apartment owners.

LAW FAIR bad players:
US Dept of Justice
Advancement Project
P.S. Poyner Spruill
— Defense funds needed to hold these bad players at bay. These orgs are suing the good guys. Lawsuits are not being brought by Voter Integrity Project. Donate to VOTER INTEGRITY PROJECT – NC, 4441 Six Forks Rd, Suite 106-233, Raleigh, NC 27609.


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