Caldwell County NC Residents PLEASE Attend Republican Convention next Saturday, 3/19

Caldwell County NC residents:

PLEASE come to the Republican convention next Saturday, 3/19, at 8:30am!

It is open is all Republicans. This is a very important civic responsibility that is vital to steering the Republican Party in the direction you want. If you leave the planning to “them,” they’re going to continue to screw it up! If you ever wanted to go to a District, State, or National convention, you must start here. The convention should be over before noon.

Sometimes these convention are calm and quick, other times there is lots of business to vote on, and still other times it gets contentious and rowdy. Whatever it is, it’s always interesting!!

~~~~ Rules: Registration is only from 8:30 to 9:30am. If you are late, you will not be permitted to register and vote. You must be a registered Republican in Caldwell County since 1/31/16 or before. 

Location is downstairs at the Caldwell County Public Library, 120 Hospital Ave, Lenoir, NC 28645. There will be precinct meetings and elections (very important). There will be a vote on the County’s Plan of Organization (governing rules). No candidate speeches, since it will be after the election.

  • Saturday, March 19th
  • Registration begins at 8:30am
  • Registration closes at 9:30am (DO NOT ARRIVE LATE)
  • Precinct meetings from 9-10am
  • Convention begins at 10am.
  • Downstairs at the Caldwell County Library in Lenoir.

About Mark Smith

Trying to fight the good fight for better government. If you're offended, do more research - sometimes the truth is hard to take.
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