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3 Meetings This Week – Movie: The Determinators

3/19 – Caldwell TEA Party meeting at Library on Tuesday, March 19th at 7pm. Obamacare is the greatest threat to American freedom and liberty. We’ll watch Dr. CL Gray’s “The Determinators” in which he explains those who pay will make the medical determinations. If the government is going to pay, then they will make your medical decisions. Would you prefer Hippocrates or Plato to be your doctor? Understand the difference. The movie is only 58-minutes long. We’ll have a discussion after the movie. We will also show this movie again on Friday and Saturday at the library. Continue reading

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Public Option! What???

Now, the Left is trying to revive their plummeting with another vote buying scheme – free Public Option hellthcare for the sheeple before November. Continue reading

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