News stories from 4/21/11

Another state stands up against Obamacare!!!  Idaho’s Governor Otter is an American Patriot!!!

Rep. Eric Cantor “will not grant their request for a debt limit increase” without major spending cuts or budget process reforms.  The TEA Party says, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO Debit Limit increase! But there had better be major spending cuts and reform!!!”  America has a spending problem, not a revenue problem!!

CLINTON EUGENE CURTIS – NASA, DOT, Exxon-Mobile programmer testifies about undetectable voting machine fraud and election fixing.  Listen until the end where he reveals $100 fine and no time for a Chinese foreign national DOT programmer who was caught and arrested for sending anti-tank missile chips to Communist China.  This manipulation attacks America at her core – the integrity of the vote!  Voter fraud and electronic voting machine manipulation

Holy Cow!!!  The Republican Study Committee (RSC) has come up with some real deep cuts to the federal budget that will reform government, not just make symbolic reductions in new department spending limits.

RSC 2008 about TARP bailouts and Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac being in known serious trouble.

Who is Rep. Jim Jordan?  He is one of the right-minded Conservative Republicans that voted NO on the $38.5 billion 2010 budget resolution. ……………..

“LIKE” RSC on their fb page  They only have 4,608 “likes”.  Tsk, tsk!  We need to support them and “SHARE” their posts, re-tweet their messages, etc…

My favorite (internet) radio host – JimmyZ Show

William Gheen spokesman for Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC) in the Tucson Citizen News  Tells how wrong-minded, RINO Republicans Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Mike Huckabee are wrong for America because of the allowance of tolerance of illegal immigration.  This link has two videos: polite listeners and impolite listeners.

“Big Sis” DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano defends the sick TSA pat down of a 6-year old girl.  This government is out of control and breaking down our normal sensibilities.  Why are we still putting up with this crap?

If you don’t think facebook is a powerful tool, think again!  If you don’t think that facebook and text messaging got Obama elected in 2008, think again.  If you think the Republicans will win without facebook and text messaging, think again! Anyway, facebook is negotiating some questionable free-speech blocks for other countries.  I know, “other countries” don’t have US Constitutionally protected 1st Amendment (free speech) rights.  Nonetheless, this is an interesting article.

Obama’s plan to reduce the deficit is to privatize Medicare?  Really?? Isn’t that a Conservative idea?  Why is it a good idea now that it’s Obama’s idea?

Under the heading of wtf? “Complete extraction of existing, hidden, and deleted phone data, including call history, text messages, contacts, images, and geotags,…could grab all of the photos and video,” according to CellBrite literature.  The ACLU and Michigan Police are at odds over this program.


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I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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2 Responses to News stories from 4/21/11

  1. Ron King says:

    The Joker representation does well. But Obama is better depicted as the ‘Riddler’, with a big question mark (?) on his chest. Obama knows what he is, but he sits in the shadows of the White House basement seeing best how to play the double standard, two-edge to not let a crisis go to waste. So he leaves you to answer his question and leaves you in the dark of what to make of his policy…because sure enough he can’t explain what he is doing, when it is apparent, the bad impacts of what he is doing… in fact Obama can’t say anything positive about America or anything that is pro-America he can’t seem to mention or stand up for America about anything. So what is Obama’s directive on Libya — back and forth–get Qadaffi, don’t get Qadaffi –U.S. involved, U.S. not involved … jerking the American People around, jerking the military around — a big (?) — you figure it out — he isn’t going to explain it to you– he’s just the U.S. President. It’s not a matter of who he is, but more as to what he is???? Can you solve Obama’s riddle?

  2. Gordon Ipock says:

    I’ve never liked this idea that we should get involved in any foreign war for the sake of humanitarian ideas. We should not be removing dictators in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or anyplace else. We should not be nation building in Vietnam, Iraq, Haiti, Bosnia or anyplace else. This is a waste of American lives and wealth and is the main reason we find ourselves in so much debt today. But with this stated, at least Obama is showing restraint with US involvement in Libya by letting other nations do most of the fighting and bearing most of the cost. I wish George Bush had used similar restraint in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Lyndon Johnson had been so restrained with US involvement in Vietnam. The American people will go bankrupt if we go around the world wasting our sons and wealth in futile efforts to bring “freedom and democracy” to other nations. We need to work on more freedom and democracy in our own country and let other peoples determine their own destinies.

    Regarding the national debt, the only way to ever pay it down is to make wise cuts in government spending while increasing tax revenue. We can and must make big cuts in our imperial military, we must cut out all the corporate welfare our bought politicians hand out to big oil, big banks and, agri-business. Then we should close all the loopholes that the same politicians have been paid to provide their corporate masters. Republicans love to talk about how corporate tax rates in the US are higher than in other countries; but the truth is that because of all the built-in tax loopholes, most big corporations pay no taxes at all! Corporate tax revenues today are at historic lows when compared to the percentage of revenue that comes from personal and payroll taxes. The same is true for the taxes that the wealthy pay. Income tax rates on the wealthy are lower now than they have been at any time in the past 80 years! So where are all the jobs we are supposed to get with such low taxes on corporations and the wealthy? We had jobs aplenty 12 years ago when taxes were higher on these classes.

    So clearly, taxes must be raised on the super rich (individuals and corporations) if we are to ever pay down the national debt. Cutting wasteful spending alone will never pay off the debt. Especially when Republicans take whatever spending cuts that are made and then give the same amount in more tax breaks to corporations and millionaires. We are deeply in debt now because since the Reagan presidency Republicans have pursued a policy of expanding military spending while cutting and cutting taxes. If we simply went back to the tax rates we had under Bill Clinton and cut military spending to the level we had under Bill Clinton, we would have a balanced budget! It’s that simple and easy.

    But the truth is, Republicans don’t want to balance the budget or pay down the debt. They want to use the threat of national bankruptcy to eliminate Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Unemployment Insurance — and public education, too! They want to dismantle the government and hand over all real power in this country to a few unelected all-powerful and all-wealthy corporations and oligarchs. In the process they will cast 90 percent of the American people into abject poverty. And there will be no way to politically change things. These corporate overlords will be beyond the reach of the people via the political process.

    The future will look like the following for the vast majority of Americans. Living standards will plummet to Third-World levels like in Mexico. People will work long and hard just to barely survive with only bare essentials. If you get injured or seriously ill, too bad for you. Beg on the street corner if you are able. And when you get too old to work, lay down and die. Because there will be nothing for you. No Medicare. No Social Security. If this is what you really want the future to be like, than keep on voting for corporate bagmen like Paul Ryan or Patrick McHenry and Robin Hayes and Richard Burr. These corporate puppets have taken us a long ways toward the destruction of the working and middle classes over the past 20 years. Give them another twenty years and white Americans will be crossing the border for a better life in Mexico. It will get that bad.

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