Mitt Romney the better choice offers fresh start for America

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has qualities, experience, background that demonstrates leadership, success and strength.  Many believe that Mitt Romney was the better choice in 2008 and surely Mitt is the better choice for America over the failure of bad change of 0bama.  Romney’s leadership and path for America can only improve as he takes on the challenges facing the American People and the Nation.

In common sense of the American People hiring the best qualified candidate for the job position of President of the United States, clearly Mitt Romney has the better resume’.  Mitt Romney has prior Executive experience as a Governor of a U.S. State, Massachusetts.  Mitt Romney has success in the private sector economy in Bain Capital that knows and has experienced what occurs in the business realm, manufacturing realm and how the private sector works to stimulate growth — free-market capitalism means competition and reasoned competition means better results.  Mitt Romney has success in organizing major events and meeting with foreign dignitaries, that being the 2002 Olympics in Utah.  In 2004 Romney authored the book Turnaround: Crisis, Leadership, and the Olympic Games.   Mitt Romney is a graduate of Brigham Young University in 1971. In 1975, he was awarded an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was named a Baker Scholar, and a J.D., cum laude, from Harvard Law School.

Romney grew up in an American life of manufacturing and company start-ups with his Father George Romney in Detroit.  Mitt Romney comes from a manufacturing family background of the auto industry in Michigan that carries the can-do attitude.  Mitt Romney witnessed first -hand and was inspired by Father George Romney’s presidency of American Motors Corporation and leadership of American Automobile Manufacturers Association that where George served as the chief spokesman for the automobile industry during World War II and headed a cooperative in which companies could share production improvements. Mitt Romney by experience has knowledge of starting up companies, turning around poorly performing companies and turning around economies. Starting as Governor of Massachusetts in 2003 Romney knows of balancing the budget all years of his term closing a $3 Billion deficit he had upon taking office. Romney reduced State unemployment to 4.7%   In terms of turning around this recession economy, Energy production IS the economy, 0bamacare IS the economy, repealing Frank-Dodd govt. take-over of financial industry IS the economy.

Mitt Romney offers honest corporatism that is a fair buck fairly earned for those who know they can do better and who seek opportunity with honest work.  Mitt Romney will reinvigorate corporate responsibility by growing the economy because companies will have more ability to give to charity (taking the place of govt programs) and give back to communities by building parks or holding functions such as food drives. Mitt Romney and Republicans believe in growing the whole wealth pie bigger so that everyone can have more pie, a bigger share.  0bama, Progressives believe in the zero-sum pie for Citizens because government is going to get the bigger share of the pie, hence 0bama prefers doing wealth redistribution per the govt Robin Hood (just as Dems have admitted publicly like Rev Al Sharpton and others) where he has to take (steal) from some in order to give to others–hence the pie does not grow, there is stagnation under 0bama because the government is stealing too much wealth pie.

If WE hire Mitt Romney for the position in the White House then Mitt Romney will hire you.  Mitt Romney offers not a return to past practices, past policies or keep doing the same thing, Mitt Romney offers a fresh start for America, that being a Pro-America policy.  A pro-America policy where the U.S. is not going to be inhibited or prohibited from growing its economy, meaning common sense energy production (jobs, doing the no-brainer Keystone pipeline), not have America give away its wealth per wealth redistribution to foreign Nations or be disadvantaged by foreign Nations that seeks to have America to become as seen as ’equal’ to any other country per “economic justice” or “economic equality”. Merits and qualifications for the U.S. does not mean someone is owed something.  Romney’s recent foreign policy trip displayed that Romney will rightly stand up for America’s bonafide domains.  Romney is Pro-America that sees America as exceptional and understands that America’s exceptionalism is good for the whole world because it is based on freedom, which is why so many Immigrants want to come to America that we simply cannot take them all in and there must be U.S. entry laws with firm Borders.  Mitt Romney is pro-America in seeing America’s jobs not being killed or being prohibited by nonsensical regulation, for example as per 0bama the EPA trying to regulate crop dust or the Labor Dept. policing farm families kids and slapping them with fines for growing up and learning on a farm — let the farmers farm and the coal miners mine.  There are yet thousands more unnecessary ‘nanny’ regulations that 0bama (bigger govt) has secretly installed that now costs the U.S. economy over $1 Trillion annually.

Here is the staggering unqualified deficiency of the 0bama resume’ in comparison to Mitt Romney‘s resume‘.  0bama’s work background is that of a “community organizer” with ACORN and other sordid socialist backgrounds on the south side streets of Chicago. 0bama’s perspective about America was subjected to a dysfunctional cobbling of growing up years of moving around between foreign Nations such as Indonesia, Kenya and Pakistan learning foreign concepts that are not best for America.  Those of 0bama’s relations and associations have sordid socialist backgrounds such as George Soros, Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, and SEIU who are all about undermining America and the Constitution, not about strengthening or improving America.  Obama’s concepts of America view the U.S. Constitution as a negative document.    0bama also has scant understanding of government (other than spending money which anybody can do) as a mere 2 year stint as an Illinois Senator who voted poorly indecisively ‘present’ on most congressional votes.  Obama is a President of downer sob stories and blame with no positive message or positive record to show for his living in and embarrassing the stature of the White House.  Obama’s only promise to Americans right now is that he will give you more fake printed ‘govt monopoly’ money that eventually you will just have to give back to the government — if you don’t have to pay it back, then surely your children will.  And by the way, the ‘TAX’ in 0bamacare will be paid by the Middle Class — 21 new taxes, the largest tax increase in U.S. history will hit all starting in 2013 (taxmaggedon).  Furthermore President 0bama can no longer be trusted with much of anything (Security Leaks for example) because time and again his ACTIONS are the opposite of what he said.  Therein is where the character of Mitt Romney can prove better for a future America.

Obama and Progressives say they are about the People, not about the Nation and measure progress by seeing if the People are being given good service, but the problem is that the U.S. Nation IS the American People. And this current President is not taking care of the Nation.  President 0bama recently had a prop sign on the podium he was speaking from saying, “Betting on America”.  As usual 0bama’s cheers for American spirit seem distant, contrived and hallow, when he would rather call America “soft“, “lazy“ like he has.  And that is just it, the Roulette President is just gambling when he does not have a sense of what is going on in an economy, does not have a sense of American principles, gambling on “green energy” Solyndra boondoggles, gambling on $5 Trillion debt, gambling on Biden’s mouth with boondoggle speed trains, and then after his failure he goes Doubling Down like a drunkard doing more of the same.  But really 0bama doesn’t know that he actually is playing Russian roulette.  WE the People can keep playing this game with America under 0bama thinking it’s good to experiment, fun to think we can get handouts, food stamps, healthcare, contraceptives for free, fun to try to get a utopia and see if it works, keep telling ourselves that “it could be worse” or “the private sector is doing fine“, just accept 0bama’s new lower standards of welfare and the ’new slacker norm’, fun to run the Country haphazardly, jokingly per Democrats, but we are really doing damage and the game has gotten out of control.  So it is best that 0bama be removed from the chance that he was given and be dumped as a one term president.  WE cannot afford 4 more years of gambling.  WE CAN get real and get a real President, with real production with real solutions by choosing Mitt Romney as our next new President of the United States.

Romney offers a fresh start for America — a much needed change of course away from hopeless stimulus spending that wastes ’shovel ready jobs’— a change away from the sad failing ‘cry baby’ 0bama change of 2008 -that where the buck does not stop with Obama as he casts blame everywhere else (Euro debt, tsunamis, Bush, algae, etc.) except for his own actions as if he has not done anything for the past 4 years.  Romney offers a fresh start that empowers America, empowers the American People and welcomes growth for Immigrants to achieve the American Dream.  Romney and Republicans in specific would at least produce a Budget to monitor spending that has not been done in 4 years.  In March 2010, Romney published a book titled,’ No Apology: The Case for American Greatness’ and the book debuted on the New York Times Best Sellers list.  Romney, with help of Constitutional Conservatives and all pro-America Americans offers fresh beginning and the opportunity for prosperity, better future to redirect away from the past 23 years of hamstringing, disadvantaging America.

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