RED ALERT: DHS scandal and SCANDAL of manufactured illegal Alien invasion needs to be covered, engaged


The Hearings and testimony in Washington DC regarding the illegal Alien children mass invasion at the U.S. Border needs coverage as an egregious scandal on the American People and America. It has been found to be the case that the staged and prior knowing of this illegal Alien invasion had participants in Washington DC. In fact the hiring of contractors or other federal job positions was made available to facilitate illegal Alien illegal entry (child trafficking) in prior knowledge. As Sentor Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has pointed out: Records show the Administration knew the surge at the border was coming and did nothing to stop it. Indeed, they sought to accommodate it!!!!!


On January 29, 2014, the federal government posted an advertisement seeking bids for a vendor to contract to handle 65,000 ‘Unaccompanied Alien Children’ crossing the southern border. The Paul Ryan-Patty Murray Budget was PASSED IN DECEMBER OF 2013 by both Houses. There was $848,000,000 in that budget for “unaccompanied illegal minors and so collusion and backstabbing on America.

UNACCEPTABLE for media omission of THIS SCANDAL of the DHS, the 0bama Admin. and Capitol Hill Officials involving the U.S. Territorial integrity and hence deliberate attack on Americans families and their communities!!!

COVER-UP going on!!! LAWMKERS KNEW and planned this invasion as the Paul-Ryan, Patty Murray budget in Jan. 2014 has our taxpayer funding for illegal Alien children installed!!! REPUBS helping hand on designed crisis creation attempt??!! Looks like it!!! DHS scandal where Lawmakers from both Parties have deliberately dismantled the CBP (Border Patrol), ICE and all enforcement into not being allowed to do their job. Whistleblowers at the DHS have been denied hearings or if found out have NOT been pursued or followed up on. The Border patrol Union is utter nonsense and IS A UNION (Democrat ideology and malfeasance) with political agenda and endeavor to simply get bigger paychecks then doing its job (just like the VA scandal).

A two-year legal effort by immigration enforcement agents (ICE and BP) are challenging the Administration’s right to unilaterally prohibit various immigration law enforcement methods has been ongoing. The administrative policies in violation of Congress-passed laws helped precipitate the current border crisis. The federal judge who first heard the case said the agents’ lawyers made a convincing argument that the Obama Administration is violating federal immigration laws.

Keep in mind that part of the reason Central Americans are rushing the border is that the Obama Administration has been sending signals that if Congress doesn’t pass an amnesty by August, the Administration will just provide as much of an amnesty as possible on its own. It is this kind of lawlessness that the immigration agents’ lawsuit is trying to prevent.

NOW we have illegal Aliens being injected like invader defilers to steal down and pillage U.S. communities, Taxpayers and Jobs, when the expense and payment for these illegal Invaders should be payed for by Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, pro-illegal Alien groups, organizations and . MANY of these illegal Aliens are in fact NOT children at all — pictures reveal in holding cells that many are male ADULTS (18-30 years old)!! SO the BS about children, oh the poor children — oh gee, oh how about the poor Americans killed in homicide, slaughtered in DUI deaths and also raped and mugged by illegal Aliens as well as jobs stolen by illegal Aliens and the increased debt, deficit and taxation all facilitated by disloyal unpatriotic greedy sellout betrayers such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street Journal, National Council of La Raza, Facebook, Home Depot, Business Roundtable, AILA, illegal Alien hiring Companies, etc.  And to think we then here all the bravado about protecting America from terrorists…. oh but illegal Alien are the nice terrorists.

The Associated Press reported this week that government officials ARE ADMITTING that once younger border crossers are released into the interior, they almost never leave

 UNACCEPTABLE for media omission (using other scandals to deny coverage as planned) or hush-hush of THIS SCANDAL of the DHS, the 0bama Admin. and Capitol Hill Officials involving the U.S. Territorial integrity and hence deliberate attack on Americans families and their communities!!! The Severity and locality of this scandal deserves full discovery and engagement by Americans BY SEEING footage of the DHS Hearings, ALL Immigration hearings and the delinquent DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson.

Also see:

DELIBERATE ATTACK of illegal invasion and illegal child trafficking SHOWS that “immigration reform” legalization amnesty is the exact same sham betrayal as the 1986 fool job amnesty and deserves full rejection!!  NO “immigration reform” per the “comprehensive immigration reform” LIE.  ONLY action is what is going to be done FOR the United States in United States terms and terms of Americans sovereign Right to not be violated by illegal Invaders.


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