Meeting TUES, 8/31, 7pm

What:    Caldwell TEA Party Meeting
When:   7pm Tuesday, August 31
Where:  Caldwell County Main Library, 120 Hospital Ave, Lenoir, NC 28645

Our guests will be both candidates for NC Senate – Beth Jones (D) and Warren Daniel (R). They will introduce themselves and take questions.  Your questions from last week were outstanding! Bring more of those questions.  Bring your friends. Bring your kids! Let’s all become more informed. We are not a political party, just an attitude. Downstairs at the library, 7pm.  I’ll make the COFFEE strong!

“Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.” ~Sir Edmund Burke

8/30 – Mike Beitler (Libertarian), US Senate candidate speaking 6:30pm – 8:00pm at Randolph’s Billiards, 19 2nd Street Northwest, Hickory, NC 28601. How small of a Federal Government would you like to see?  One small enough to fit within the Constitution?  ~ Dr. Mike Beitler. The Hickory 9/12 group is hosting this open gathering of liberty minded North Carolinians who are interested in hearing a senatorial candidate discuss the issues affecting our Federal Government and his plans on reversing the growth in government.  This event is open to the public, feel free to invite whomever you desire.

Meeting Topics for Discussions:

  • GREAT BUS TRIP!! Great people! Let’s do it again 9/12.
  • Is there any interest in going to DC on 9/12? (I already have 13 who are interested in going.)  I have not reserved a bus yet, and it may be too late to do so.  Please let me know if you are interested.  I will have a list for you to sign onto at the meeting tomorrow night.
  • We need a committee of people to write some candidate survey questions so we can begin officially ranking candidates.  All part of voter education. Can some of us we meet at Venti’s Casa on Monday mornings at 8am from now until the election?  Venti’s Casa how serves coffee and fresh baked goods. :) The below links are from Check this group’s site out. Pay close attention to their candidate survey.
  • Is anyone attending government meetings? If so I’d like to hear what you heard.

August meetings: August 4, 12, 18, 26, 31, at 7pm at the Library.

September meetings: September 8,- – – –  (tba)- – – at 7pm at the Library.


About Christine

I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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