TEA Party grows up!

The TEA Party grows up!  A cool little article about the TEA Parties in the 11th District.


This is a really great article. It shows our groups’ growing cooperation and willingness to accomplish common goals.  The reporter’s coverage is fair and informative.  I’m happy we have a journalist like Jon Ostendorf in our district.

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I believe in the CONSERVATIVE principles and values of the Republican Party as they are written, and not how they are currently practiced by today's RINO's. Smaller government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility, states' rights, free market capitalism, and less government intrusion in our lives!
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3 Responses to TEA Party grows up!

  1. caprious123 says:

    The article states: “Meadows already has on-the-record support of tea party members in Haywood and Caldwell counties.” To be fair, should Caldtea ask this reporter to issue a retraction. I always thought our Tea Party only vetted candidates meaning each member makes their own decision of support. The statement sounds like Caldtea is publicly in support of Meadows over Patterson. This makes me uncomfortable,

    • Christine says:

      You’re right, each member does make their own decision. The reporter did said “tea party members”. Caldwell TEA Party doesn’t endorse. I’ll shoot the reporter an email and make sure he understands. Thanks.

  2. caprious123 says:

    An error of this magnitude only discredits our group and other tea parties. The reporter’s “personal” understanding is not sufficient. The Citizen-Times is an influential well read newspaper. Let’s not harm the reputation of our group or other tea parties but insist on a public correction of this inaccuracy. Thanks!

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